BBKANG Paintless Dent Removal Repair Remover Tool Kit 58pcs Car Dent Puller Set Dent Repair Tools for Hail Damage Door Ding


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Product Description


1. Selected Material: The BBKANG tools kit uses light and reliable alloy, easy to use, strong, and safe.

2. Pro Puller Tabs: 24 different size high durability glue tabs suit for different dent shapes.

3. Pro Glue Kit: 5 yellow and 5 black environmental glue sticks with a 100W hot glue gun, fast melt and strong bonding.

4. Tap Down Pen: 9 different heads for different shapes, works great with tiny bulge or dent marks.


1. Clean the dent surface with a clean wet cloth.

2. Insert a glue stick into the glue gun, connect the glue gun to a power source and pull the trigger for about 5mins to preheat the glue.

3. Select a suitable tab for the dent mark, (Note: The larger the tab is, the bigger drawing force could been taken.) Use the glue gun apply enough glues on the tab, then immediately place the tab in the center of the dent while the glue is still hot and melting.

4. Hold the tab till it sticks, then wait the glue cool down, normally takes 5-8mins, even shorter in winter.

5. Use the lifter/ puller to pull the tab till the dent have risen up.

6. Clear the glue by alcohol with plastic shovel, clean the surface.

7. Repeat above steps with smaller tab till the dent had been removed.

8. Use hammer and tap down tool set slightly modify the surface to make it looks better.

dent lifter

BBKANG ‘B62L’ Dent Lifter

The dent lifter ‘B62L’ is made of strong alloy, which can certainly support any normal range pressure with a light weight. The new design increased spaces between two ‘legs’, so it could lift larger dent than the old version. Also, ‘B62L’ have longer arm, which will cost less force to supply same lift force on tabs.

‘B62L’ inherit the perfect design on the top spin knob. You can adjust the height of the tab buckle by simply spinning the top knob.

bridge puller

BBKANG ‘B61B’ Bridge Puller

Compare to dent lifter, bridge puller would hold larger size dents, since the distance between two legs are longer.

‘B61B’ uses light strong alloy as the bridge body instead of plastic or hollow pipes, which will hold much larger tension and torque while pulling, and ensure your safety. The foot designed two wide angle rotatable pedal to make sure our product can work on different shape surface.




tap down pen

All BBkang tools are made of selected material to ensure the strength, and we concentrate on details all the time, to make every product a reliable tool. Also we are always trying to improve the design to make our product could take different challenge.

The package include a 100W hot glue gun, 5 yellow glue sticks and 5 black glue sticks. 100W glue gun melt glue sticks much faster and could prevent curding. Black glues had more bonding force than yellow glues, and won’t melt by it self in package.

Not only suitable for car body dents, but also for any other metal surfaces in your daily life, such like refrigerator, BBQ furnance. Wherever you had a metal dent, have a try with BBKANG pro kit, always surprised you. remember to use black glues.

After you pull up a dent, you might have a very light tiny bulge left if you pulled too hard. A tap down tool is the best tool to fix small bulges. We supply 9 different tool heads, which works properly on different dent shapes and different surface material.


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