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Dremel Versa High-Speed Power Cleaner


Blast through the dirtiest cleaning applications both inside and outside the home with the Dremel Versa. A high speed cleaning tool, the Dremel Versa conquers the toughest dirt, scum and spot removal on materials such as glass, tile, ceramics, wood, stainless steel and more. The four quick connect accessories allow for a variety of wet and dry cleaning applications. Powered by an efficient USB system that holds its charge, the Versa has revolutionized cleaning, making the lives of homeowners easier, by providing a solution to difficult cleaning situations. More clean, less effort.

  • Versa High-Speed Power Cleaner Tool
  • Eraser Pad Accessory
  • Non-Scratch Pad Accessory
  • Bristle Brush Accessory
  • Heavy Duty Pad Accessory
  • Rubber Splash Guard
  • 120V Charger

Versa High Speed Power Cleaner Accessories

Eraser Pad

Multi-purpose accessory for hard surfaces including counter tops, floors, doors, walls, shoes and more.

Non-Scratch Pad

Great for surfaces that require scrubbing without scratching, such as pots, pans, sinks, drains, tubs and more.

Bristle Brush

Perfect for detailed areas or objects that require heavy-duty cleaning, such as grout, grill exteriors, car interiors, exteriors and more.

Heavy Duty Pad

Aggressively removes stubborn scum and baked-on food, as well as small surface scratches on your wood furniture.


Power through soap scum, mildew, and tough bathroom stains in no time. The eraser accessory pad is ideal for cleaning shower glass, mirrors and bathroom counter tops, the non-scratch accessory pad for cleaning tubs, sinks, tile, and other surfaces that require a tough scrub, and the bristle brush for detailed cleaning like toilets or tile grout.


Kitchen cleanup made easy – the Dremel Versa will blast through small food splatters to burnt, baked-on stains. Use the eraser accessory pad for light cleanups on counter tops, stove tops, ovens, sinks, microwaves, refrigerators, delicate Teflon pans, and stainless steel/copper pans. Use the non-scratch accessory pad for cleaning difficult stains on pots, pans and glass. Use the bristle brush or heavy duty accessory pad for your most aggressive cleanups.


Caked-on dirt, rust, and mildew do not stand a chance against the Dremel Versa. Use on the inside and outside of your grill, on any material type patio furniture, and on outdoor children’s toys. Use the non-scratch accessory pad for delicate cleaning on the outside of your grill. Use the bristle brush on patio furniture harboring mildew, and the heavy duty accessory pad to blast through difficult to clean rust.

Detailed Applications

Forget about professional cleaning – the Dremel Versa will clean your most cherished possessions with thorough care. Use for applications like detailing the interior of your car or tires, cleaning your golf clubs, and removing dirt or scuff marks from your shoes. Our assortment of accessory pads will cater to your specific cleaning need.

versa charge

versa splash guard

dremel versa attachments

dremel versa

Charge It

Fully charge the tool before use (approximately 2 hours). A blue light will illuminate while charging, which will turn off once fully charged.

Attach Splash Guard

The Versa is designed to work with liquid cleaning solutions. To prevent splatter, attach the retractable splash guard before use.

Choose & Attach Cleaning Pad

The kit includes a brush, backing pad (base), 3 different accessory pads that range from delicate to abrasive. First, select accessory based on your application. Align either the backing pad or the brush to the threads on the tool and turn clockwise. For use of a cleaning pad, press the loop side of the pad to the base of the backing pad.


To begin cleaning, press the power button on. Hold tool with a steady grip while using light pressure as you run the tool back and forth over the surface to be cleaned. The Versa is designed to shut off if too much pressure is applied.

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