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Glass Cleaning Clay

Clean windows are a matter of style and safety.

Removes mineral deposits dried on glass, as well as oily road residue and other contaminants.

Keep your glass.

Road film, oil, tar, grease, water spots, and more bonds to glass and are difficult to remove. Use our clay to break their grip.

Clay to last.

3.5 ounce, 100 gram bar will clean dozens of windows.

Key Information :

  • Eliminate heavy road film, tar, bug jerky, and tough water spots
  • Clean windows are a matter of style and safety
  • Regular use will prolong the life of your windshield wipers.
  • 3.5 ounce, 100 gram bar will clean dozens of windows

Break the grip of heavy road film, tar, bug jerky, and water spots.

Windshields and especially the rear window on trucks and SUVs are exposed to harsh conditions. Run your fingers over the glass. If it doesn’t feel as slick as ice, it needs claying. Glass Cleaning Clay is the perfect glass prep before polishing. Clay also works on a variety of smooth, hard surfaces such as glass shower doors, chrome, stone, ceramic tiles, synthetic stone, and quartz surfaces. Speed Shine is the proper lubricant to use with clay.

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Glass Polish Pads

These are the finest synthetic glass polishing pads for our Random Orbitals. Use these with our Fine Glass Polish to remove water marks and other tenacious residue with ease. They clean up quickly with our Microfiber & Foam Pad Cleaner, and can be used over and over.

11017 Fine Glass Polish

Use on spots that are visible but hard to feel with your fingernails. Fine Glass Polish may be used by hand or with our Random Orbital with Glass Polishing Pads. For heavily calcified deposits reapply.

11033 Glass Sealant

Simply wipe on and buff off. It creates a hydrophobic surface that repels water instantly. It also helps you remove ice, salt, frost, and bug jerky more easily. Great for sleet and snow along with helping your wipers work better. Water can kiss your glass goodbye.

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About Griot’s Garage

Since 1990 we’ve developed, manufactured, and bottled our liquid car care products in our own U.S. manufacturing and distribution center, giving us total quality control over our washes, polishes, and waxes. Our towels, cloths, tools, buffing machines, garage gear, and accessories are designed by us to meet our high standards for perfection and quality.

We are always thinking about how we can make a better product, one that helps car lovers get closer to perfection. “Good enough” is not in our vocabulary. Why? Because we make it for ourselves first, and we want the very best. Our pride is on the line. If it’s not the best you can buy, it’s not going out the door.

Everything we do has a purpose. Our products are not for everyone. They are for those who appreciate craftsmanship, attention to detail, and an uncompromising standard of quality. We’re building a brand that will live on as our legacy. That’s why we judge ourselves based on the results we deliver.

We’re doing what we love—spending time with cars and the people who love them. That’s our kind of fun. We are inspired by and proud of the results our customers achieve. There’s no better feeling. We invite car lovers everywhere to join us in celebrating the pleasure of owning, improving, and caring for cars.

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