Phoenix Systems (3001-B) Brake Fluid Test Strips, 100 Test Strips Per Tube, BrakeStrip, FASCAR, Copper


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Worn out brake fluid leads to Brake System Corrosion

Import ABS Valve

Overtime brake fluid wears out.

ABS Corrosion

Worn out brake fluid leaves the brake system vulnerable to corrosion.

Import ABS Valve

Of particular concern are the sensitive ABS components.

RWAL Switch

High levels of corrosion could cause the ABS to fail during an emergency stop.

BrakeStrip delivers Scientific Proof

Proof in 60 Seconds

With BrakeStrip, in as little as sixty seconds you have clear, repeatable and reliable proof of the level of corrosion in the vehicles brake fluid, as an indicator of the brake fluid condition. The test starts with removing your master cylinder cap and dipping your BrakeStrip into the fluid.

Do you see Purple?

Once dipped in brake fluid, BrakeStrip begins the corrosion measurement reaction – changing color from white to purple in direct proportion to the corrosion level. Compare the strip to the color scale to determine the level of corrosion in your brake system. You will then have reliable proof of whether or not the brake fluid meets recommended guidelines.

  • Follows MAP guidelines
  • Recommended by NUCAP
  • Recommended by OMNI
  • Recommended by Raybestos
  • Recommended by Bendix
  • Helps you comply with the California Auto Repair Act
  • US Military Approved

What to do if a vehicle has corrosive brake fluid

There are a few options to correct the corrosive brake fluid. First, we don’t recommend leaving high levels of corrosion inside a brake system as that can lead to premature failure and expensive repairs. ABS units are now in the thousands to replace. When it comes to a brake system, preventative maintenance is the best and least expensive method to provide safety, confidence and longevity.

If over 200 ppm on the color scale then a Brake Fluid Replacement is Needed

200 ppm of corrosion and higher reveals the scary truth that iron and aluminum corrosion is taking place. Most brake parts are made from iron or aluminum so this is not a good thing. The best remedy is to replace the brake fluid. New brake fluid will help prevent future corrosion, improve safety and extend the life of critical brake parts.

If your corrosion levels are below 200 ppm then we recommend an Anti-Rust Treatment

When brake fluid is new it contains filming amines and pH buffers. These additives are called inhibitors. Without inhibitors brake fluid would quickly corrode our brake system from the inside out. Problem is inhibitors wear out over time. Luckily the inhibitors can be boosted or replaced with an Anti-Rust Treatment called BrakeShot. You can purchase BrakeShot from Amazon.

Continue testing at each oil change

A service center should continue testing a vehicle at each oil change and document the results. Over time a customer will be able to see their corrosion levels increase and when the time is right be prepared for a needed brake fluid replacement.

What to do

Change brake fluid

Anti-Rust Treatment

Continue testing

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