Testo – 0563 2557 557 I Digital Manifold Kit for air conditioning, refrigeration systems and heat pumps I 4-valve HVAC gauge with Bluetooth and set of 4 hoses


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Testo was founded in Lenzkirch, in the Black Forest region of Germany, in 1957 and has since designed, developed, and manufactured portable test and measurement instrumentation and solutions. Backed by 60 years of measuring engineering experience, testo’s mission is to provide the highest quality, service, and value in the industry.

Testo’s first product manufactured was a simple electronic thermometer. Today, the product line has expanded to include a large variety of temperature measuring instruments, such as data loggers, air velocity meters, humidity and dew point meters, refrigeration service analyzers, multifunction instruments, stack gas analyzers and air emission monitors, water analyzers, tachometers, sound, pressure, and light meters, and thermal imagers.

testo 557

Accuracy and flexibility on site with the testo 557

With its 4-way valve block, large backlit display, sight glass, two NTC thermistor clamp probes and vacuum gauge the testo 557 combines convenience with the the superior accuracy of a digital gauge to provide you with accurate readings for every job.

Convenient and Precise

The rugged, compact design allows you to take the testo 557 to onto any job site and readings are shown on the large, easy to read 2-line backlit display within seconds. The 60 on board refrigerant profiles eliminate the need for PT charts.

Complete Servicing Kit

Your testo 557 Kit includes 4 hoses, each 5 ft long: 3 hoses (blue, red, yellow) with 7/16‘‘ UNF (straight and 45° angle), 1 Hose (yellow) with 5/8‘‘ UNF, (straight and 45° angle), suitable for all refrigerants. No need to switch over refrigerant hoses thanks to automatic heat pump mode.


  • Measures high side / low side pressure and displays saturation / evaporation temperatures
  • 2 temperature probe inputs for simultaneous real-time calculation of superheat and subcooling
  • External vacuum probe for faster and more reliable evacuation of the system
  • Automatic heat pump mode eliminates the need for switching refrigerant hoses

testo 557

testo 557

testo 557

testo 557 kit with hoses

Suspension hook

The handy suspension hook ensures a secure attachment of the digital manifold for care-free and hands-free analysis.

4-way valve block

The 4-way valve block with 3/8” and 1/4″ ports for convenient servicing.

Rugged housing

The rugged housing includes a metal frame to protect the digital manifold from impacts and ensures years of dependable service.

Complete kit

Your testo 557 Kit includes two NTC temperature clamp probes, 4 hoses, external vacuum probe, batteries, case, certificate of conformity, and user’s manual.

testo Refrigeration App

testo Refrigeration App

Review measurement data via Bluetooth on your Smartphone or Tablet with the testo Refrigeration App (65-foot range). Quickly and conveniently document your job, finalize your report and send it out via email – directly from the job site.

  • Wireless display of measurement values simultaneous to instrument display
  • Upload new refrigerants directly into your manifold
  • Automatic calculation and display of measurements in easy-to-read formats
  • Generate lists, trending graphs and tables
  • Generate reports at the push of a button, include photos and then send via email

analog testo 549 testo 550 testo 557 testo 570
Analog testo 549 testo 550 testo 557 testo 570
Identical pressure measuring range HP/LP Up to 60 bar Up to 60 bar Up to 60 bar Up to 50 bar
Pressure measurement accuracy > 1 % of f.v. > 0.5 % of f.v. > 0.5 % of f.v. > 0.5 % of f.v. > 0.5 % of f.v.
Integrated temperature measurement ✔ (Up to 2 temperature probes)` ✔ (Up to 2 temperature probes) ✔ (Up to 2 temperature probes) ✔ (Up to 3 temperature probes)
Four-way valve manifold Product-dependent
Internal memory, documentation With the App With the App
Refrigerants stored (update possible) max. 4 ( ✘ ) 60 (via testo service) 60 (Possible on site via App) 60 (Possible on site via App) 40 (Via testo EasyKool software)
Automatic ambient pressure measurement
Heat pump mode
Temperature-compensated leakage testing
Vacuum measurement Indication Indication Highly precise, with external probe Accurate and robust

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