Turtle Wax 50754 Ultimate Car Care Kit


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About The Kit

The Turtle Wax 10-piece Ultimate Car Care Kit was expertly curated for a superior car detailing. This kit includes all the products you need to deep clean, shine, polish and maintain all auto surfaces.

How To Use

For a deep-clean wash, pour 1 oz. of Zip Wash & Wax into a bucket and fill with water. Use a sponge or mitt to remove dirt and grime. Rinse off and towel dry or leave wet for wax.

Spray Quick & Easy Wax and Dry onto your car’s exterior surfaces one section at a time. Use included microfiber towel to wipe off, leaving a brilliant shine.

Spray Wet’N Black Ultra Wet Tire Shine evenly onto a clean, dry tire. Let it soak in for 3-5 minutes. Repeat to maximize the shine.

Pour Scratch & Swirl Remover onto a damp microfiber towel or foam applicator and rub firmly to problem area. Buff lightly with a microfiber towel.

Spray Inside & Out Protectant onto a soft, clean cloth or directly onto surface. Work in well until surfaces are evenly conditioned. For a higher shine, reapply as necessary. The more layers you add on, the more amplified the shine!

What’s In The Kit?

  • Quick & Easy Zip Wax Wash & Wax 16oz.
  • Quick & Easy Wax & Dry Spray Wax 26oz.
  • Quick & Easy Dash & Glass Interior Detailer 23oz.
  • Wet’N Black Ultra Wet Tire Shine 23oz.
  • Power Out! Odor-X Odor Eliminator & Refresher Spray 2oz.
  • Scratch & Swirl Remover 11oz.
  • Quick & Easy Inside & Out Protectant 10.4oz.
  • 2 Premium Large Microfiber Towels.
  • 1 Durable Foam Applicator Pad.

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