Rain-X 630046 Interior Glass Anti-Fog – 12 fl. oz.


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Impaired driving visibility doesn’t just happen on exterior surfaces. Interior glass can fog up making vision blurry and tough to see what’s ahead.

Use Rain-X Anti-Fog to prevent fogging before it even begins. This formula works by treating interior glass and mirrors with a coating that attracts water. This means moisture collecting on glass quickly disperses and thins out, keeping the glass clear and fog-free.

You no longer have to drive with the windows down or wiping the glass as you go. Feel confident on the journey with clear, fog-free vision.

How to use:

  • You no longer have to drive with the windows down or wiping the glass as you go. Feel confident on the journey with clear, fog-free vision.
  • Wipe onto interior glass or mirrors in a circular motion
  • Allow to dry
  • Reapply as needed to maintain fog-free conditions
  • Sprinkle surface with water and wipe with a dry cloth to remove any haze that appears

Key Benefits

Prevent Interior Fogging

This specially formulated treatment attracts and disperses water, preventing moisture build up and fogging before it begins.

Improved Visibility

Enjoy clearer vision no matter the weather conditions.

Safe for Glass and Mirrors

Use on automotive and marine interior glass and mirrors.

Experts in Visibility

Drivers have trusted Rain-X windshield treatments for over 40 years, giving you superior visibility, confidence, and preparing you for whatever comes your way.

Rain-X Original Glass Water Repellent Rain-X 2-IN-1 Glass Cleaner + Rain Repellent Rain-X Automotive Glass Cleaner Rain-X Anti-Fog Rain-X Bug & Tar
Product Description The original Rain-X. Water beading technology repels rain, snow, and sleet for superior wet weather driving visibility. Fast and easy 2-IN-1 product both cleans exterior glass and applies Rain-X water beading technology. Streak-free shine, specially formulated to quickly cut through dirt, bug residue, tree sap, and road grime. Prevents interior fogging on windows and mirrors before it happens, making driving easier and safer. Easy to use treatment for set in, tough to remove bug residue, tree sap, and other debris. Simply spray on, let soak, and wash off.
Key Benefits Water Beading Technology, Superior Visibility, Improved Safety, Trusted and Reliable Streak-Free Shine, Water Beading Technology, Easy to Use, Convenient Streak-Free Shine, Removes Tough Stains, Outperforms the Competition Prevents Interior Fogging, Improves Visibility, Safe on Glass and Mirrors Removes Tough Stains, Easy to Use, Works Fast, Safe on All Surfaces
Improved Driving Visibility
Water Repellency
Trigger Spray
Squeeze Bottle
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